NanoShield PVD Ion Plating Thailand

about our service

    Offering PVD Ion Plating Service for thin film coating on Industrial cutting tools molds and dies using nanocomposite TiAlSiN, AlCrTiSiN or common hard coatings CrN, TiN, AlTiN, TiAlCrN, TiZrN and TiCrN as the plating material for better tribological properties and longer service life.

    Our technology is based on Filtered Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition with our proprietary Low Plasma Loss filters and plasma accelerators for better film quality.

       We can provide you the PVD tools coating machine based on our own design at the reasonable price.

        And we are also providing technology transfer and licensing of our patents, technique and equipments.  


about our company

NanoShield & Royal Ace Co.,Ltd is the first company in Thailand who offers the PVD ion plating service for the use as wear resistance layer on the surface of cutting tools, molds and dies. Our coatings are products of our proprietary techniques and equipments. We are experienced professionals and the process is controlled by our scientist who holds the patents in this field. Coating in Thailand saves time and money and we invite you to join our quality oriented Japanese and Western customers who have chosen our coating to enjoy these benefit plus excellent quality.