NanoShield PVD Ion Plating Thailand
Our Coating Machine 

Now you can own our PVD hard coating machine that can produce advanced Nanocomposite coatings at very reasonable price!

In the year 2006 - 2007 we had developed a small PVD coating machine (NanoShield NS-1) for research lab and industry use.
This machine was designed in Thailand by us to be able to coat Thin Film Hard Coatings.
It has been used in real industrial condition since 2008 to prove its reliability and robustness, and the result is so satisfied. We also have done researches and present many scientific papers by using this machine to synthesis varieties of Nanocomposite and Superhard coatings (nanoindentation Hardness exceed 40 GPa).

This is the first real PVD Hard Coating Machine designed and manufactured in Thailand.

It has 5 ports dedicated for PVD sources. Basically 3 ports come with 3 special design Cathodic Arc Plasma Sources built by D. V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Russia.
And other 2 ports are installed with Metal Plasma Ion Sources built by NanoShield.

All of this 5 ports also equipped with NanoShield Low Plasma Loss Filter in order to deposit finer coatings.

The D. V. Efremov's Cathodic Arc Plasma Sources work better than Cathodic Arc sources normally used in the industries.
It has better target utilization, better macroparticles reduction and better plasma acceleration.
Many improvements that is the characteristics of this Cathodic Arc Plasma Sources make the better film at lower production cost.

In case the users want to install other special equipments such as the Curved duct filter system, Gas ion sources, High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering etc., we can give you further advise or modification to suit your need.

Please contact us directly for detail.   

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AlTiN CathodeConsumption TiN
TiN TiN_Multi-Layer AlTiN

Benefits of Low Plasma Loss Filter system for Cathodic Arc sources

1. No 'Line of Sight' blocking.

This Low Plasma Loss Filter has no 'Line of Sight' blocking so the plasma can pass through the filter easily.
When compared with the previous technique that requires 'Line of Sight' blocking this filter has better plasma throughput while still filters out majority of macro-particles or droplets.

2. Compact and effective.

Compact Filter's body can be made by virtue of short length Filter's filament, when installed into each existing Cathodic Arc sources it can filter out most of large macro-particles and gain much improvement in smoothness.

3. Easy to make and maintenance.

This Low Plasma Loss Filter consists of simple design filter's filament which can be easy to make, install and take out for cleaning.
The filter's shell is also simple in design and requires no complex magnetic circuit so it can be made with much lower cost comparing with other filter system.

4. Can be installed into virtually all existing planar type Cathodic arc source.

With its compactness, this filter can be installed into nearly all types of planar Cathodic arc sources. Whether the target face is circular or rectangular the filter can be installed to them while still preserving the vacuum chamber volume.

This invention is now patent granted and protected in many countries, including Germany and the USA, and we are open for licensing this technology to those who may interested.

Please contact us directly for details.