NanoShield PVD Ion Plating Thailand

You can see some short description about our technology below.

    Now we have 2 PVD Hard Coating Machines in service. One is a big machine and another is a small machine. So we can provide you with fast service at very reasonable price.
    Our big machine is a product of our modification and works as a tools coating machine since 1998. It was the first PVD tools coating machine for service in Thailand. 

    The working capacity of our big machine is 1.2 metre in diameter and 1.5 metre high. It is considered as one of the biggest tools & components coaters in Sout East Asia.
    This coating machine is a Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition machine equipped with our Low Plasma Loss Filtered Arc Technology and Plasma Accelerator which can reduce the defect in film significantly. Our Low Plasma Loss filter and accelerator system is our proprietary hardware which we also have patents for them.
     Our small machine is also a Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition machine.
This small machine is the first real PVD Hard Coating machine designed and manufactured in Thailand for tools coating purpose.

     If you are interested to know more about our small PVD coating machine please read this subject " PVD Coating Machine" for details.




    We always offer our customers with better film over the time due to our  extensive research in improvement of coating procedure and technology.
    Not only the improvement of our TiN to multi layered TiZrN within recent years, but we also provide TiAlN with multi layers and gradient composition.

    Due to our in-house technique to produce TiAlN from separated Cathodic Arc cathodes of Ti and Al, i.e. Ti ion from one Arc cathode deposite simultaneously with Al ion from another Arc cathode, so we can make the true multi layers film of any Ti/Al composition. We can provide fine coating of AlTiN (high Al in TiAlN) to the industries in Thailand since 1999 without any pennies paid for foreign technology.
And this technique has a promise future for improvement due to its nature of high flexibility.

    Not only this complex technique is good for synthesis of AlTiN but also good for synthesis of many Nanocomposite coatings.

    NanoShield was awarded "Top Ten Finalist Economic Awards" from Thai National Innovation Agency (NIA) in 2005 for our success in developing this technique.  

    Since we have years of experience in development of coating procedure, we are ready to meet your special requirement of coatings.






Low Plasma Loss Filter for Cathodic Arc system

    Though Cathodic Arc technology has a lot of advantages in hard coatings synthesis but the droplets or macroparticles is one of inherent problem that need to be reduced to produce better wear resistance coatings.

    Lots of companies rely on process control to reduce droplets while some companies concentrate on hardware to solve this problem.

    One of the most successful method to reduce droplets is using Filter which comes in lots of variation.
Nearly all of them require 'line of sight' blocking to filter the macroparticles or droplets out and using magnetic field to drive plasma to workpieces.

    Since 'line of sight' has been blocked so plasma loss can be very high. Then most of Filter design are not suitable for industrial coater.

    We at NanoShield has developed a novel type of Low Plasma Loss Filter for Cathodic Arc system that require no 'line of sight blocking'. This Filter system also design with industrial use in mind so it is easy to maintenance, robust and having low cost of ownership.

   This invention is now patent granted and protected in many countries, including Germany and USA, and we are open for licensing this technology to those who may interested. 


AlTiSiN-Filter compare